June 4, 2007

No more red tide on the beach but lots of dead critters

LA MANZANILLA, Jalisco, Mexico - The red tide we spotted yesterday disappeared very quickly (didn't dare interfere with our vacation & retirement, no doubt), but a stroll down the nearly deserted beach today showed that the tide had its way with lots of wildlife.

The biggest single group that seems to have been pushed out of the sea are jellyfish, not my favorite sea life certainly. You could barely walk 10 feet without seeing these dinner-plate sized animals washed up. In a few cases, like the one below, the jellyfish was still breathing. Or whatever jellyfish do to stay alive.

Take me to your leader
Call 911, it's still breathing!

The beach also had quite a dead few puffer fish, fish so ugly I decided not to post any photos here. What little fishing I did - when we had Sabbatical anchored here a couple of years ago - I almost always pulled up one of these, and then had to get out the long-nosed pliers to try to get the hook look. They are covered with sharp spines and pain to get off the hook.

The one bit of deceased wildlife that took me by surprise was seeing a dead lobster. I guess I knew the bay had them, but I haven't see them for sale at the fish cooperative. (Note to captain: They are not caught by net or line and tackle like fish, therefore, why would they be for sale at a fish cooperative?)

Lobster anyone?
Lobster for sale - cheap

My quick tour of the beach, taken while Admiral Fox is off on a shopping expedition with Joan Santana in Manzanillo, also turned up yet another possibility in the house design competition. The Admiral and I have vacillated between beach house, beach casita, no-house (just a motor home) and building a swimming pool with a bath house & kitchen next to it, calling that enough.

So now, thanks to some campers just down the beach, we have one more design to consider.

Tropical geodesic dome
A tropical geodesic dome

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