June 4, 2007

A cartoon that you need to be a baby boomer to appreciate

BOSTON, Mass., USA - My sister Evelyn, a Bostonian (actually she lives in Lowell most recently I think) passed along this cartoon this morning, which fits nicely into the space theme of this most recently created blog.

To the Moon, Alice
Ralph finally did it...

I watched The Honeymooners many nights when I was growing up in Brooklyn. We had a black & white Zenith television and I remember seeing Jackie Gleason, Art Carney and the rest of the cast doing their seemingly hysterical skits. I also watched the Ed Sullivan show on that TV, once sitting through George Hamilton sing "Sitting on the dock of the Bay."

Some television programming was painful to watch. Some things haven't changed that much in all these years.

Perhaps ironically, many TV shows from the 1950s and 1960s are still being shown on TV here in Mexico. While we had dinner last night, I believe I heard the strains of the opening music to The Andy Griffith show coming from the next table where a family was huddled around the set, watching intently and laughing.

But I haven't met any Mexican boys named Opie, been introduced to anyone named Tia Bea or been stopped on the highway by anyone named Barney Fife - not just yet.

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