June 11, 2007

Time to evict the mosquitos and no-see-ums from the land

TENACATITA, Jalisco, Mexico - A trip to the building site for Casa Admiral Sunday made it very clear that we need to clear the property of its vegatation as we move ahead with building plans.

We had a great rainstorm Saturday (more like a monsoon, it seemed), which must have prompted a new hatch of buglets, so when we emerged from the car early in the morning, it was like being confronted by hundreds of paraparazzi - except these have little stingers, not flashbulbs.

Our amigo (and soon-to-be contractor) Arturo Gomez will be bulldozing the property next week and putting up some fencing, so the bug population will have to find other quarters. (Rest easy, however, the coconut palm trees will be spared the blade...)

Land for Casa Admiral
The land for Casa Admiral

The property is actually the grassy area beyond me in this photo. The two stakes mark the boundary towards the beach. The new grass sprouted up in less than a week and while it looks like a golf course from a distance, it is actually some kind of beach thistle that has more spikes than Sid Vicious.


Still, after battling the bugs - and going back and forth as to where our nearly three story casita will be sited - we are ready to get started with the next phases of the Great-House-Construction Project.

More on those house plans later when I can wrestle the sketchbook away from the Admiral to take a photo of what she has proposed.

Today is our last day in La Manzanilla until perhaps December (though we may make an intermediate trip to get things started on the house in the fall). Tonight we will be back in Puerto Vallarta at Casa Dustin & Cami for a couple of days before heading back to Sacramento, where we have 3.5 days on the ground before flying to Seneca Lake.


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