July 1, 2007

Another day of work and an almost clean beach

VALOIS, New York, USA - While the Admiral went to Ithaca to hunt and gather for tonight's family soiree here at the house, Dan, Lorraine and I went to the beach with rakes and shovels and a chainsaw to put the finishing touches on the Great Beach Cleanup Project.

The beach has never been cleared, according to David Schwartz, who admitted that one twisted pile of iron and steel buried the underbrush was the remains of a boat hoist that landed on the shore when a high wind picked it up and flung it, perhaps 30 years ago. Note that sentence is written in the past tense. We dug up all of the stuff and stacked in on the cliff.

Here's a photo of the beach as it looked last year, before we started cutting it back.

Beach 2006
Seneca Lake beach in 2006

This year, the brush and weeds have been cut back to the cliff, with three piles set for great bonfires, when everything dries out.

Cleaned beach
Piles ready for burning

The project did require a chain saw for the big chunks, and sometimes to get down the get the roots loose, too.

Capt. Dan Olsen ably handled a chainsaw lent to us by brother-in-law Dan.

Beach cleanup 3
Capt. Dan hunts for roots

The only remaining questions are:

1. Did we get too close to the poison ivy on the cliff?
2. How long does poison ivy 'poisoning' take to show up on the human body?

Oh, and the third question:

Is that bottle of Calamine Lotion from last year still good?

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