July 28, 2007

Furniture shopping means a trip to Montour Falls

MONTOUR FALLS, New York, USA - While it is unbelievable that we might need some furniture for the house in Valois - considering how much I am hauling out and putting on the highway with a 'free' sign on it and that I haven't even touched the stuff in the basement - so it was that we found we needed a new piece for the remodeled downstairs bathroom. We tore out the cabinets and, well, we need shelves for the historic collection of towels.

In California, that would mean a quick visit to Bed, Bath & Beyond, Target, or if absolutely necessary, Wal-Mart.

But such sojourns here at Seneca Lake almost always involve a trip to a used furniture shop in Montour Falls, a few miles south of Watkins Glen that sells all kinds of neat stuff - not just furniture. It's hard to go there and not come back with something.

On our recent foray, I found a perfect computer desk and hutch ($18), assorted handtools (about $1.50 each), various DVDs for $1-$2 (no copy of Captain Ron, darn it), and some excellent already built shelves, but too small for the space we needed.

Furniture store
Used furniture store in Montour Falls

The other reason to visit this shop is a tiny dog that hangs out on the counter top - some kind of Chihuahua - that will actually sing. Yes, sing. It's doubtful it would win on American Idol (Hmmm, seen that show lately, maybe the dog does have a shot), but it does make a noise like singing and it is an attention hound, not matter what other background it has.

The Admiral hopes we can find just such a pooch for our new house in Mexico.

Little doggie
But can he sing, "As Times Goes By"?

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