July 27, 2007

The Spirit of Louise is back on Seneca Lake

VALOIS, New York, USA - The Spirit of Louise is back on Seneca Lake and has taken its first evening cruise to look at brother-in-law David Schwartz's semi-collapsed pier at his cottage a few miles up the lake.

We retrieved the boat from Morgan Marine Wednesday, complete on its new trailer, with a new water pump installed in the engine and after we had the servicing done (new spark plugs, etc...) that I probably should have done when we first purchased the vessel.

Quelle dommage!

On the lake parlay
On the lake parlay with Ruth Bills

The day was not without mishap, however. (What blog entry would be worth anything if there wasn't a disaster or two?)

After hooking up the trailer and towing the boat back over the Seneca Lake - a very nice, easy trip thanks to the pulling power of brother-in-law Dan Schwartz's Toyota pickup truck - we went to Smith Park (a few miles downlake from Valois) to launch.

We were very impressed with one aspect of the new trailer - a set of steps leading from the front that make it easy to climb on the bow of the boat when in drydock. The steps worked great - the small railing (which I thought was quite cool, at first) worked less great.

In fact, the railing let go when I put weight on it coming down the stairs and I fell ass-over-teakettle, crunching my back on the pontoon of the boat.

Hello Motrin!

Not supposed to bend
Not the best of designs

Bent at connections
A few more bolts might have helped

Except for that particular little farble (which didn't seem so little while I was pinned over the pontoon), the day's enterprise ended happily with the boat returned to the boat lift and the cooler refilled with ice and beer. Some of that ice found its way to my lower back to keep the swelling down. The beer was used for strictly medicinal purposes in lieu of painkillers.

Now we are going to wait out a couple of days of thunderstorms before venturing out again - or maybe not. We do have a roof on the boat, after all.

Spirit of Louise on trailer
On the trailer at Morgan Marine

Ryan wires up the truck
Ryan Morgan gets the brake lights working

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