September 27, 2007

Mexico countdown whizzing by, almost time to pack

SACRAMENTO, Calif., USA - The fall days - and crossed-off dates on the calendar - are going by frightfully fast, as Mexico lies ahead and our plans are almost as unsettled as if we were still piloting a cruising sailboat, unsure where to anchor or dock.

We know, for sure, that we will be living in La Manzanilla, in a rented house called Casa Lupita, for at least a few months this spring, while Admiral Fox does some work for Santana Realty and we try to get our house project off the ground. The house is providing some challenges, such as, what kind of house should we build?

And me? I intend on boogie-boarding, fishing in the surf, practicing the ukulele, doing some writing (ok, maybe a lot), and making sure my name is on a barstool at Palapa Joe's, the joint right across the street from Santana Realty.

Uno mas Cuba libre, por favor? See, my Spanish is coming back already. And my ukulele teacher promises I'll be able to play Two Pina Coladas by the time I get settled in on that stool.

Yup, after resisting taking lessons, I have been studying and getting serious (as serious as you can get about a ukulele). I already have four different somewhat off-color versions of Popeye the Sailor Man memorized - and several more in the works. "He's strong to the finish, cause..."

Casa Lupita gate and entrance
Casa Lupita galley area

Complicating matters this fall has how much fun we had in New York this summer - and how much we took to the community. Complicating? Yes. Living in three places for the next few years is going to be tricky: Sacramento (where the money is), New York (where the lake house and the Spirit of Louise pontoon boat are) and Tenacatita, Mexico (where the best weather, best beaches, best tequila, best gratuitious bikini photos ... oh, never mind).

The Admiral and I would love to cut it down to two places, but which two? And when?

Bay in front of La Manzanilla
A view of La Manzanilla

And complicating things more is that we hope to lock up our second piece of property this spring, the small lot overlooking the pueblo of Arroyo Seco. That's the spot I would like to build a small house - a writer's retreat, sort of. Good complications all...

That hillside lot is only a short distance from the beach, a quick trip if I buy the small Honda motorbike I have my eye on, perfect for the packed sand road/trail that leads to one of the best surfing beaches along the entire Costa Alegre.


Michael with neighbor
Michael with an Arroyo Seco neighbor

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