October 6, 2007

At the soccer field with TWO granddaughters

GOLD RIVER, Sacramento, Calif. USA - The Admiral and I were a little late (ok, it was halftime) for Samantha Rose Allen's soccer match today, but it was a gorgeous fall day and a great family day at that.

Samantha's baby sister - Kamryn Lynn Allen - was there, too, while mom Anne tried to watch the game and the baby, too.

Kamryn was a month-old Friday and already is holding her head up and showing signs of being a strong little critter. Yes, thank you very much, I am a proud granddad.

We took both cameras to collect some video and stills of this newest addition to the clan and also to see if I can make the video function of this blog work. If I can, it should appear right below this...

In case the video doesn't work as planned, we did shoot about 40 photos of Kamryn and Samantha, though Samantha is such a dervish that getting her to stand still long enough to get a good photo is almost impossible.

Still, I caught her from a distance in these two shots.

Sami - finally not running

Sami with soccer ball
Practicing a little volleyball

And you have been waiting for these two shots: the proud grandparents:

Kamryn with Michael
Michael clutching Kamryn

Kamryn on shoulder II
On Sylvia's shoulder

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