October 15, 2007

Friends drop by and check out the new Flip Video

SACRAMENTO, Calif., USA - Our friends Dan & Lorraine Olsen dropped by this afternoon to say adios on their way south to hook back up with their sailboat, docked in Mazatlan, a pleasant place Sabbatical stayed several times - once for an entire summer.

We talked about travel plans - they are headed south on their boat, possibly as far as Ecuador this year.

We, of course, are headed not quite that far south - just La Manzanilla by Chrismas, where the Olsens say they might be if things work out.

In boating jargon, 'if things works out' really means, We Have No Freakin' Idea, But Would Like To.

But we showed them out latest video toy and insisted that they pick a up Flip video unit for their next travels.

And here they are:

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