October 14, 2007

Getting Sabbatical ready for the South Pacific

ALAMEDA, Calif., USA - So many things to do and so little time. But that's hardly something that's unique to the Admiral and I.

Still, we need lists to tell us which lists we need to refer to to do what projects and when.

Make any sense? If it does, please explain it to me.

Saturday was turned over to getting down to Sabbatical to give new owner/former owner Don Tiffin another helping hand as he readies the ship for departure to the South Pacific - his eventual goal. Don keeps his actual cruising plans tightly under wraps but it's clear he will likely get back to Australia sometime, where his other boat (up for sale) sits on a buoy.

Saturday's activities showed that the boat is closing in on being ready - we have gotten to the point of readying the wood and steel for the voyage. Both need to be protected from the salt water which is sooooo corrosive.

But I was pleased to see that the engine room - which I help dismantle a few weeks ago - seems back together enough so the boat can move if need be.

Here's a short video from yesterday:

Last night, after stretching our muscles and crimping our butts (almost four hours in the car to drive down and drive back) we had a great dinner with former Sabbatical Chief Engineer Scott Noble and his wife, soon-to-be Counselor Jennifer.

We talked Mexico and Scott's plans for adding a marine division to his carpet cleaning company... And, of course, I shot a few seconds of video of Scott.

'NobleCarpetCleaners.Com' anyone?

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