October 23, 2007

Logical progressions don't always seem so logical

CARMICHAEL, Calif. USA - The move to Mexico in seven weeks away and suddenly all the dominoes are falling: What do we take with us? Are we going to build a house? When will be actually start packing?

The questions didn't get answered over the weekend, but after wrestling with these three conundrums, we bought a travel trailer.

A travel trailer?

Yes, a towable land yacht (sort of) that is big enough for us to carry all of the things we wanted to take to Mexico with us as well as provide a ready-to-use beach house while we ponder the real house we want to build.

A travel trailer?

For two months I scoured the want ads for a utility trailer to haul kayaks, a rowing/sailing dinghy, household stuff, computers & electronics and, of course, clothes. (Clothes aren't that big a deal, given the climate.)

But every cargo-only trailer I looked at was either several thousand dollars - or so beat I would not drive it across town, let alone 1700 miles to La Manzanilla.

I was about to simply drive the Trooper south with whatever we could cram in when we saw a new-to-the-market small travel trailer, manufactured by Thor Industries, that we realized could double as a cargo trailer and temporary beach house. They are light, well thought out (like a boat) and easily towed. But the downside is they are also very expensive - as in the $20,000 range.

That's way beyond what I would pay for an aluminum box to sit on beach, 12 feet above sea level.

But a concept was born - buy a travel trailer.

A travel trailer.

And no, we didn't pay a fortune for our 1996 Aerolite (in the video below). Admiral Fox always gets a great deal and did so on this unit... Of course, now I need to head down to Camper World for all those accessories and then there is the issue of a Honda generator, and, oh, how about one of those outside awnings and....

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