October 7, 2007

One video post and already we are starting to FLIP

SACRAMENTO, Calif., USA - The video added to yesterday's blog triggered a certain receptiveness to the new technology that ended with not one, but two new video cameras in the media arsenal of Captain's Blog and From Where I Sit - not to mention Writing for Money, the Class of '66 and the Tenacatita Bay Bugle.

But I digress.

After viewing the video of both granddaughters posted Saturday and pondering how I could use video more, we wandered into Costco this morning on our weekly food run and there it was: A Flip video camera, a small camera that is as simple as anything I have seen on the market, small and easy to use - and very inexpensive, too.

Flip video
Flip video camera

Naturally, we bought one and after playing with the unit for about an hour at home, we decided that we needed to upgrade one notch to the next version.

Flip ultra
Flip Ultra - more bells & whistles

The software is in this $109 camera (Costco's price). It normally retails for $119. The upgraded version - already in the mail on its way to our house, I believe - is about another $50 but has just enough additional memory and features to make it worth having.

So, what-the-hell? Video?

Since making the decision to move to Mexico for part of every year, I have been in search of the lightest gear possible: lightest computer, lightest camera, lightest video gear, lightest bag to carry all of the aforementioned - and light clothes, of course.

I know that while we are planning on building a beach house, the same wanderlust that kept us pulling up anchor will have us crashing all over rural Mexico in our Isuzu Trooper, exploring riverbeds and climbing the occasional mountain.

I'm still in search of a lighter computer, but this new Flip camera might be the ticket for both video and stills, just the thing for a Backpack Journalist exploring Mexico. More on that concept another time.

Here's the link to the Flip camera site:
  • Flip cameras

  • And here's a short clip taken with the camera we bought this morning which is unedited - if it works at all - because there seems to be a snafu in the software!

    Was the camera too good to be true?


    Que lastima!

    So, after many attempts at getting the blogsite to run the video, I have given up (as of 6:10 p.m. Sunday...)

    But you can see the first Flip attempt here on YouTube

  • YouTube debut with Flip camera
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