October 5, 2007

Will the Puffin make a return to the Admiral's fleet?

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., USA - As preparations for Mexico get more serious by the day, the debate has shifted to considering buying a trailerable sailboat and loading it with all of the stuff that won't fit in Troupey (our Isuzu Trooper) for the trip down.

Originally, the idea was to buy an enclosed cargo trailer (still a possibility) but a prospect that is equally enticing would be to haul a small sailboat on a trailer - such as a Laser - and load that trailer with our kayaks, small rowboat and other equipment for the trip down. We don't really need a cargo trailer in Mexico, but a sailboat is another matter.

But what sailboat and what trailer?

We have a line on a nice Laser (a very fast, very light boat) and several other slightly larger, heavier units, too. But none are exactly what I am looking for, so every day I spend a few minutes on Craigslist looking for boats.
  • Craigslist

  • And then late last night, I found the Puffin.

    puffin 1
    The Puffin at the dock

    The Puffin was son Dustin Fox's boat about 10 years ago - a neat little 17-foot British Leisurecraft that is as good a sailboat as any sailor could ever want. It's twin-keel system makes it soooo stable that it was as comfortable as our former 40-foot sailboat on San Francisco Bay.

    The Puffin was sold when Dustin went on to other interests but the boat always stuck in my memory, largely because it was such a good sailboat and also because maintaining 17 feet, versus 40 feet (or 48 feet in the case of the recently sold Sabbatical) is a relative breeze.

    And now the boat is back up for sale, having been through two owners and the Sea Scouts. The current owner bought it from the Sea Scouts and is ready to part with the ship. The downside is that the boat has no trailer and no outboard any longer.

    Still, what could a flatbed trailer cost? What could an outboard cost? What price can you put on having a great daysailer in the warm waters of Mexico?

    It might be worth it to have the Puffin scooting around Tenacatita Bay and perhaps up in Banderas Bay, too, where Dustin now lives.

    puffin 3
    Puffin's interior - sleeps two, or three really good friends

    puffin 4
    Puffin's cockpit

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