December 9, 2007

Rooftop storage - probably not recommended, but....

LAND PARK, SACRAMENTO, Calif., USA - Today's big project turned into, well, a big project. What I had projected to be a one-hour start to finish enterprise turned into about 3 hours.

But tonight the two kayaks, the Captain's Gig (the 10-foot sailing dinghy), oars, paddles, masts and an assorted collection of other stuff is neatly (ok, not too neatly) tied on the top of the 25-foot Aerolite trailer in anticipation of a Friday liftoff for the Grey Goose Express.

The trailer is only about 8 feet off the ground, but the way it shakes when walking on the roof... Let's just say my fear of heights came back for a brief time. How did I ever climb the sailboat mast? Oh. Yeah. I didn't. I sent someone else up all the time.

Still, after about a dozen trips up and down on the ladder, I was feeling pretty cocky, too cocky it seems as I nearly slipped off the edge.

The Admiral would not be amused if I broke my leg a few days before we have to drive 1600 miles.

I ended up making one trip to the hardware store to pick up some extra line, a few 's' hooks and a giant bungee cord all to secure the fleet on the rooftop. You can never have enough bungee chords.

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slamont said...

Looks great, but add another four or five bungees. Can't have too many bungees.