December 27, 2007

DAYS TWO & THREE - Swooping into Phoenix in an overloaded Grey Goose Express

PHOENIX, Arizona, USA - After our first night on the road, we swooshed into Phoenix on Day Two, headed for the Carr Resort in South Phoenix.

Day Two driving was less stressful and as we crossed the Arizona border, the cost of a gallon of gasoline along Interstate 10 went from $3.15 in California to $2.69 in Arizona.

Yup, $3.15 in California to $2.69 in Arizona.

But then, on the advice of brother Dan Schwartz, we pulled into a truck stop and weighed the Trooper and Grey Goose Express together to see if we still had a weight issue.

The Grey Goose Express came in at a trim 4,300 pounds (a full 100 pounds under the total axle weight allowable.) The truck came in at 5,800 pounds.


The total package, (according to the book for the truck) could not exceed 9,600 pounds. That explained why the transmission was getting a tad warm, particularly on hills.

Fixing the Grey Goose weight problem
Fixing the Grey Goose weight problem

So the next morning (Day Three) we spent about two hours unloading everything in the Grey Goose - and the Trooper - weighing things, and then making weighty decisions about what had to stay behind. It was sort of a modern-day version of the pioneers offloading Ma's piano to make it over Donner Summit.

Several cases of wine, a dozen of cans of varnish and chemicals, numerous books, chain (no kidding, I was taking 30 pounds of chain, 40 pounds of weights (for exercising) and a lot of other miscellaneous stuff got left behind, dropping the overage to about 200 pounds.

We decided we would eat our way through the canned food as quickly as possible.

But those decisions were ignored the first night of our visit, during which we imbibed enough Grey Goose and fine wine that I jumped out of a 104-degree hot tub and into the 58-degree swimming pool. Luckily, the Flip video was inside and so my last swim of 2007 in the U.S. was not captured on film.

Oh, and while I write this, Casa Lupita is airing out after the fumigator arrived early this morning to spray to keep out any and all scorpions.

The video below is from Day Two:

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Lacey said...

Grats y bienvenidos a México, profesores. Uds. va a construir una casa alla?