December 30, 2007

A few leisurely hours at Admiralty Beach

TENACATITA, Jalisco, Mexico - With Dustin, Cami and Max (their well-behaved pooch) along for the ride, the Admiral and I drove the Trooper out to Admiralty Beach (where our beach lot is) for our first actual go-to-the-beach day since arriving in Mexico a few days before Christmas.

Given that we expect to be living here until late May - or early June - it didn't seem like there was a cultural imperative to get sunburned too quickly.

It was a drop-dead gorgeous day, even nicer that it has been. Humidity was low and the sun was shining brightly - very little haze. The surf was its usual state: huge. Swimming at this beach is only for those wanting to tempt fate.

On the way in, we saw that someone had marked a foot-deep pothole with a unique marker:

Tire tope
The tire makes the spot

Had we hit the pothole at 50 mph, we might be sitting in a tire shop right now, not at home, full of beach-imbibed beer and waiting for neighborhood guests to show up for cocktails. We are going to talk about all the normal stuff, good restaurants, best recipe for margaritas and how to keep scorpions out of the house.

We learned today that the former occupant of this house was stung by a scorpion and nearly died.

Nearly died.

But she wasn't at this house when it happened - she was in another part of the pueblo.

This first visit to the beach also gave me a chance to check out swim wear styles again. They haven't changed a lot since last June.

Testing the waters
Testing the waters

Fishing with bikinis
Waiting for the big fish

One of our soon-to-be neighbors roared up on his quad, giving me a bright idea for the next beach-house accessory that I might need for Casa Admiral.

Hell, it might be fun just to have one of those things here in La Manzanilla to bomb around on.

Neighbor Dave
Neighbor Dave (on the quad) with son Dustin

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