December 7, 2007

Generator on board the Grey Goose Express

SACRAMENTO, Calif., USA - I made the last major purchase before we head out one week from today on our way to Mexico.

In fact, at this time next Friday, I think we will be well on our way down Interstate 5, headed for San Diego as our first stop. (Gulp...) That is unless we decide to do something else. (Us? Come on!)

The last major purchase (that I know of, anyway) was a 2kw Honda gasoline generator, a relatively light little unit (50 pounds) that starts with one pull and is sooooo quiet that it hardly noticeable. It will run everything on the trailer except the big box air conditioner on the roof. That would require the equivalent of two of the generators I bought today.

So, I'll buy a few extra electric fans and we can swim often.

Saturday is the day allocated to finishing the Captain's Gig repairs, started so well by Chief Engineer Scott Noble and being finished not-quite-so-well by me. But between Scotty's excellent fiberglass work and my thorough use of Marine Tex, the rig ought to survive.

When we hoist it to put it on top of the trailer, I'll know a lot more about how strong the repairs are.

Oh! And the Grey Goose Express you are wondering? What's that all about?

One of the stops will be in Phoenix at the Jim & Pam Carr Resort, Spa and Trailer Park where the drink du jour is a vodka collins made with Grey Goose vodka. As these cocktails are not on the approved drink list in California, I am going to take the opportunity to hoist a few with my amigos Jim and Pam Carr. Just a few. Honest.

I hoisted some ice tea earlier today with daughter Anne and granddaughter Kami when we went out for lunch. I can't wait to be able to buy that little one milkshakes, et al.

If you have had enough grandkid videos, skip this one. (But if not, well, Kami is soooo cute, you won't want to miss it.)

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