December 31, 2007

Getting out and walking on the beach with Max

LA MANZANILLA, Jalisco, Mexico - The Admiral woke me just before 7 a.m. and announced that we really needed to start a routine of walking in the morning and getting some exercise. Since we settled in, it's been a lot of work (unpacking and setting up) but physical exercise hasn't been a priority.

I agreed, reluctantly, but wished I hadn't had that last glass of red wine (or was it two?) right before retiring last night.

But a half-hour later, I was up and about, hiking boots on and ready for the beach.

Yes, I shook the boots carefully before putting them on. No scorpions, thank you very much.

We took along Max the guard dog, who we knew would like some free-running time on the sand. And because it was early, there weren't many people (or dogs) yet out-and-about. Max doesn't walk comfortably on the leash (Who can blame him?) but we were a little unsure what he might do between our house and the beach where we would pass by at least a dozen wandering chickens in our travels.

We returned without ruffling any feathers, of either fowl or people.

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