December 29, 2007

Grey Goose Express in new home at Admiralty Beach

TENACATITA, Jalisco, Mexico - My early optimism about parking the Grey Goose Express in our driveway here at Casa Lupita in La Manzanilla evaporated quickly when it was obvious the rig would not be able to fit in through the gate.

If there was no house across the street, sure. But the geometry said no and so the Goose sat on the street Christmas Day while we unloaded everything into our rented casa.

The next day, we went out to the beach to visit friends Mario and Sharon from Oregon whose home was supposed to be finished by now, but is still a work-in-progress. And Sharon was done with camping on the beach - sans toilet and shower. They had been living in a small tent for about five days while the workmen poured concrete and generally did workmen-like stuff.

So we offered our amigos use of the Goose until we can set up our lot with a palapa (for shade) a tank for water and septic tank, for, well, septic stuff.

Getting it into the place was a trick, however, as the sand is very soft around their house and I did not want to get the Trooper mired up to the axles with sand.

So I backed the trailer the 200 yards or so, up to the shady spot. No problema ... Really!

On the way driving there, the Admiral faced a bigger problem when she reached into her purse and a scorpion crawled out.

I have never seen her speechless before.

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