December 29, 2007

Open microphone night at Palapa Joe's an experience

LA MANZANILLA, Jalisco, Mexico - The Admiral and I - along with Dustin & Cami and Mario & Sharon (Mario and Sharon are the current occupants of the Grey Goose Express on the beach in Tenacatita) went to the open mic night at Palapa Joe's Restaurant & Cantina tonight, a short stroll down the hill from our casa. It's the local gringo hangout, has free wireless, excellent food and is the social hub of the town. At least for gringos.

Dinner (and the heavily poured Cuba Libres) was great and by the time emcee Jane Gorby arrived, the place was filled to capacity and we were glad to have a table. Jane usually does her own standup piece - the Seven Dirty Words George Carlin made famous years ago. But Jane does them in Spanish.

I will never see a Chi-Chi's Restaurant again and not laugh.

We toyed with the idea of the Admiral and I doing a violin-ukulele duet of some kind, but because we have barely had time to play at all, we decided we would wait for our debut when the other two members of the Four Headlamps arrive sometime soon, we hope. Our lamps are lit and ready.

The entertainment included a few bawdy songs, some poetry, a joke that I am still trying to fully understand (it was told by a Canadian woman) and ultimately a ukulele player.

A ukulele!

The fellow with the uke pointed out up front that his was a $20, off-the-shelf plastic ukulele. And he sounded pretty good, playing a Jim Morrison tune. He was accompanied on the drums, adding a nice touch.

Perhaps the Four Headlamps needs to add some percussion units, too.

Anyone want to take up the tambourine?

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