December 23, 2007

Safe in Puerto Vallarta - 1900 miles (and adventures) later

NUEVO VALLARTA, Jalisco, Mexico - We arrived safely at Dustin & Cami's casa Saturday at about 6 p.m. after an overnight stay in Mazatlan and a visit with Captain Dan Olsen and his admiral, Lorraine.

We made it sans major problems, though we did drop a torsion bar driving through Hermosillo right in the middle of a busy street, backed into a fence and lost a tail light (found it later) and hit some topes (speed bumps) going a wee bit too fast.

Like the airlines say: Be careful opening overhead bins, some things may shift in flight.

I'll post more about the entire seven-day trip later - right now my internet connection is about to disappear, I believe.

Grey Goose in Nuevo Vallarta
Grey Goose Express at Dustin's house in Nuevo

We will be here until Christmas morning when the Grey Goose Express will make its last passage (for now) to La Manzanilla where Dustin says the driveway is wide enough - by a foot or so - to back the trailer in.

But that's days from now.

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