January 11, 2008

Around the towns of La Manzanilla & Arroyo Seco

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - We closed out the visit of Randy & Karen and Lynn & Suzanne with a look at a nice, close-to-town house with a fantastic view of the bay from both the living room downstairs (and also from the rooftop) that could easily hold a palapa, and possibly living quarters.

I liked the place because it was a short walk down the hill to the town square - about 250 yards.

View from rooftop
View from the roof top

Lynn & Suzanne
Lynn & Suzanne in the kitchen

After looking at that casa, we retired to Palapa Joes (Where else?) for lunch and several cervezas while the gang of four debated the relative merits of the house - and its sticker price. It seems like a good deal and besides, if they buy it, the Admiral and I can always bunk with them when in La Manzanilla.

Dulci, Lynn & Suzanne's dog, stayed out of the conversations for the most part, but did try to sneak a sip out of the drink in front of her several times. She eyed my hamburger and fries, too.

Dulci & margarita
Dulci & the margarita

But the next day, while the four amigos and pooch headed to Puerto Vallarta, we went out on our own to revisit Arroyo Seco, where we bought a hillside lot last year, only to find out that the lot didn't exactly belong to the fellow with whom we were negotiating.

It's a little more complicated than that, but suffice it to say, we still love the town, and while there ran into four dudes from Santa Cruz, Calif. who were staying at nearby Tenacatita in a hotel and had come to Arroyo Seco to surf.

Dudes? Yes, these guys would definitely fall into the category of surfer dudes.

The waves weren't as large as what they were looking for, but impressed me. Of course, I am a boogie-board kind of surfer.

Arroyo Seco is a few miles north of the Tenacatita Bay property we have and is a real-deal Mexican pueblo. There is only one gringo living there currently - a surfer dude, of course - who goes by the sobriquet "Spiderman."

Seco surf
Arroyo Seco's north beach

Arroyo Seco surfers
Santa Cruz surf dudes

We met up with the famous Joe Santana there, who walked us around some of the hillsides to check out the views.


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