January 12, 2008

At home with beer at Palapa Joe's and abejas on the street

LA MANZANILLA, Jalisco, Mexico - It is so odd to live in a village and wake up to the sound of roosters crowing every morning - but still have access to the world's news via the Internet.

Of course, who wants to look at Mitt Romney's mug any morning? But lately he's been there. Perhaps not much longer if I read the election results correctly.

On the other hand, down here where surfers get sunburns, it is fun to see what's going on out at Mavericks, where surfers might get a case of hypothermia, instead.

solo surf
At Maverick's, where the waves are in control

A wave like the one in the photo above might be seen around here - but only in the summer with a hurricane waiting behind it.

The Admiral and I took another Death March, er, I mean walking tour, of some of the higher elevation properties this morning, ending up down at sea level in the village where we stopped to buy a half-kilo of fresh-cooked tortillas (45 cents), vegetables, fruit, bread and cat food at a small tienda ($1.80) -- and some freshly squeezed grapefruit and orange juice from a juice stand (90 cents).

Cat food? Yes, a couple of neighborhood cats have adopted us and are waiting outside the front door every morning. So far, they haven't started howling for food before dawn.

That's next. I've had a lot of cats.

Tonight is Dylan's last night with us before flying back to his high-finance job in the Bay Area. On tap is a send-off dinner at Martine's Restaurant, where the margaritas are superb (read: industrial strength) and the food rivals anything in San Francisco.

A full report on that tomorrow, depending on the strength of the tonight's cocktails.

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