January 16, 2008

The early morning walk, the koffee klatch and cats

LA MANZANILLA, Jalisco, Mexico - The predicted rain has disappeared but so has the humidity that made seeing in the distance less-than-perfect. (Less-than-perfect, that's illegal here isn't it?). So on the stroll Wednesday, we got a wonderful view of the southeast corner of Tenacatita Bay and our amigo Tom's refurbished Santana 21 sailboat, bobbing on a mooring.

Tom is a very handy carpenter & fix-it guy who retired some years back and has been building his home, one concrete block at a time.

It's a gorgeous casa. And from his deck, he sees his boat.


Tom's sailboat in Tenacatita Bay
A view of Tom's Santana 21

At El Girasol, the local coffee and breakfast spot for many people, we caught up with Tia Richardson and her young daughter having the last of their breakfast. Tia sports around town on a powerful-looking quad and was arranging for a beach day for a number of the young girls. Most of the girls do some version of home-schooling and you can practically hear the crackle of their intelligence when they talk.

I ordered my usual - a cup of black tea - and was stunned when I was served a huge cup of Earl Grey. Earl Grey! Here in La Manzanilla! Captain Picard would be quite at home at El Girasol.

Koffee Klatch in La Manzanilla
Koffee (and tea) Klatch

But we had an unwelcome surprise when we returned to our house, aka Casa Lupita.

The two cats who have adopted us - in return for the food we give them - have decided that the sand driveway (where we walk into the house) is an absolutely perfect spot to take a crap.

I knew that two days ago, when I spent a hour scouting cat crap around the yard, shoveling it and then burying it by the banana tree.

But today, they had covered up a couple of little piles - making mini-sand dunes - which I did not discover until it was firmly smeared on the bottom of my waffle-soled work shoes.

As the French say, Merde!

Our not-too-tame cats in La Manzanilla
Not-all-that civilized pets

We might need to rethink the cat food thing.

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