January 21, 2008

Finally a day (OK, an hour) swimming at the beach

LA MANZANILLA, Jalisco, Mexico - After a whirlwind weekend at Puerto Vallarta, we tried to have a more normal day back here in the pueblo, catching up on lots of details that got dropped like proverbial hot rocks when we had to leave last week.

Our morning walk has become a ritual and every day we take almost the same route, getting nods and hello from most of the Spanish-speaking residents along our path.

This morning we stopped for a few minutes at the bridge near downtown (downtown!) where someone had tethered a mare and foal to graze on the long grass. In other parts of our walk, we always see flocks of chickens and the occasional goat, all enjoying the free range - and food. No snakes or scorpions, so far.

Horses of courses
Feeding by the bridge

Today marked the first time since we arrived Christmas Day that I actually took a swim in the ocean right off the beach.

A real swim!

I drank a ceremonial Modelo beer, then dashed into the water where I swam (ok, mostly floated around) for about 45 minutes. And I have a slight sunburn to prove it.

The beach is almost deserted now, the exception being a few gringos and gringas staying in beachside houses. In the evenings, local teenagers come out to play soccer in the sand.

Stroll on the beach
Citizens enjoying the beach

During the evening walk, we always keep marching until sundown and were treated with a fabulous sundown - and also a fabulous moonrise, both shown below.

Better than MTV any day.

Sunset on Tenacatita Bay
Sunset on Tenacatita Bay

Moon & Palms
Moonrise over the palm trees at Tenacatita

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