January 26, 2008

Kayaking, sailing and taking a ride on a 'quad' Monday

LA MANZANILLA, Jalisco, Mexico - The day was a total outside adventure, starting with the normal chores (sweeping the house, raking the yard and cleaning up the cat crap - I really have to stop feeding those cats). The chores were followed by kayaking, hours of sailing, and capped with an offer to try out a 'quad' ATV on Monday. (All right!!!!!)

And yes, I have a tinge of red from sunburn, but not bad. I've been pretty careful and even used some sunscreen today. (Did you read that Dr. Silva? Sunscreen...)

The kayaking was to get from shore out to my friend Tom's Santana 21 sailboat, tied to a mooring a couple of hundred yards out in the bay. I haven't been kayaking in over a year, but hey, how hard is it?

Hard enough.

I took four big waves over the bow as I went out through the surf and any hope I had of arriving dry at Tom's boat went with it. Unfortunately, just yesterday, I also had a long conversation with my friend Mario (a wildlife biologist) about the likelihood of there being sharks in the Tenacatita Bay.

Unlikely he said, but possible. So I was looking over my shoulder into the clear water quite bit as I paddled out - and back to the beach hours later.

Kayak and great white shark
What you don't want to see behind you while kayaking

Tom and I had a great sail back and forth across the bay, ending our sojourn after about two hours when my sunscreen began to lose it effectiveness - and I remembered that I left a garden hose running, watering several palm trees in the yard that were dying of thirst. By the time I got home (an hour later) the hose was not dripping at all. Turns out that some parts of town just lose water pressure at certain times of the day.

Que lastima. But we had enough water in our water tank for me to rinse off the saltwater dousings I had taken.

At home, I had an email from my La Manzanilla amiga named Tia, who roars around town on a great-looking 'quad' ATV, usually with her daughter hanging on tight on the back. Tia checked out the poll with this blog and said I should definitely try out a quad before deciding between a motorscooter and buying a quad.

Monday, I'll be sporting around town on Tia's quad, after we have coffee. (And also some instruction on how to 'quad' about...)

"Get your motor running, way out on the highway..."

The photo below was chosen to show what a 'quad' looks like. The young lady in the photo is totally incidental to the illustration.

Girl on quad in mud
Girl on quad - stuck in the mud

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Anonymous said...

avi came to visit me this weekend and i mentioned your living in mexico now. he then asked something along the lines of: "is he still posting gratuitous photos of hot chicks in bikinis?" fortunately, he was not disappointed by my answer.