January 25, 2008

La Manzanilla days of video, dancing and boogie-boarding

LA MANZANILLA, Jalisco, Mexico - The days are still a blur here - I move my ukulele from one corner of the house to another, rarely opening the case. And good grief, the other two members of The Four Headlamps will be arriving in just a month - with an appearance at Palapa Joe's already in the works.

But, procrastination about music aside, it was fun the last few days, starting with a video project at the local elementary school.

A local outfit called the La Catalina Foundation sponsors folkloric dance classes and asked me to shoot some video to go along with a grant application that will be submitted shortly. At the session I shot, it was definitely a practice run, but some of the children are already pretty good.

A full-dress recital is set for February 23 in the main part of town, (in case you happen to be here). The students will be wearing traditional Mexican garb and shoes and most the town will be turning out to see it.

Michael sets up camera
Setting up for filming

Dancers getting into the swing

Now I have about 30 minutes of video - and 60 still photos shot by the Admiral - to edit and condense into a 4-5 minute video.

So what's on tap for Saturday? No, no video editing...

Tomorrow, I am going sailing with my friend Tom on his Santana 21. (I'll edit much better if I have been able to get some rest and recreation.) Tom is itching to get out on the water and, well, so am I.

There's always Sunday to edit video. Or Monday. Or Tuesday. This is the nation that made the word manana famous, after all.

Today the Admiral didn't have to trundle down the hill to Santana Real Estate to help out and so instead we drove out to the beach at Tenacatita where I had my favorite beach-side lunch of rollo de mar and, along with my amigo Mario, made a serious dent in the supply of Pacifico beer at the Fiesta Mexicana restaurant.

After watching numerous people in kayaks lose it in the mid-sized surf, Mario and I grabbed boogie boards and went out for a dozen or more runs.

It was great fun.

!!!!! Cow-a-bunga !!!!!

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