January 8, 2008

A night at Palapa Joe's and downtown La Manzanilla

LA MANZANILLA, Jalisco, Mexico - We thought we were going to head over to Barra de Navidad tonight - after a day at Tenacatita beach and also even more real estate wanderings by our amigos.

But after the crew had a couple of margaritas at Palapa Joe's - and the captain had two Cuba Libres - the evening changed from a drive over the mountain to a walk down the street to a local, family owned taqueria where seven of us had dinner for 180 pesos.

That's about $16 U.S.

Among us we had four beers, one mineral water and about 19 tacos.

Stomachs full, wallets not-too-empty, we are ready for a day of snorkeling tomorrow...

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