January 7, 2008

On the real estate tour in La Manzanilla & Tenacatita

LA MANZANILLA, Jalisco, Mexico - What was originally billed as a day of snorkeling and eating fish rolls at Tenacatita turned into a five-hour real estate tour around town and out to our property on the Pacific.

We were showing the area to four amigos, all of whom are serious about buying some land and/or a house here.

We saw some great places.

And yes, we saw a couple that are tempting us, too.

After the tour, we did make it to the Tenacatita Beach for beer and rollo de mar, plus a visit to give amigo Mario some fishing supplies I picked up in Puerto Vallarta. Mario is living in the Grey Goose Express with his wife Sharon and loving it, as the house building continues.

Drinking margaritas and buying necklaces

In addition to seeing some interesting lots and houses, we also had close enounters with some large mammals - a horse at one house and an entire herd of Brahma cattle at another.

The Brahmas (or is it Brahmins?) were walking down the main highway in La Rosa, but decided to detour as we drove through in the Trooper.

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