January 5, 2008

They paved Paradise and put up a parking lot

NUEVO VALLARTA, Nayarit, Mexico - We have spent two fun-filled days here at Dustin and Cami's house, including a birthday party for Cami last night.

We've had so much fun, it seems we will stay over one more day to rest up for the three-hour drive south, back to La Manzanilla.

But things have really changed since we first came to Paradise Village in 2000.

Beach access now is severely limited. Marina prices are more than twice what they were when we brought Sabbatical south, and instead of being waaaaay outside of all civilization, this area is now full of condos, timeshares, golf courses and even a new Mega, a huge grocery store to serve all these people. We even shopped at a Home Depot yesterday to get some items for the house.

La Manzanilla and Tenacatita seem quite quaint by comparison.

Below is a short video of us eating at a restaurant in Tenacatita, Sylvia and Cami just before the party and the Admiral getting in some violin practice - before going for a 2-hour massage.

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