January 17, 2008

'There's an ass in the back of my truck'

NUEVO VALLARTA, Jalisco, Mexico - We made a quick run up to Puerto Vallarta today for a two-day visit with Camelia (Dustin's girlfriend) while Dustin is out of town, down in Zihuatenejo working on a boat called 'Nervous Wreck.'

Puerto Vallarta is about three hours away, but it takes almost another hour to get through the city and out to Nuevo Vallarta where Dustin & Cami live in a neat house with their pooch Max.

Max greeted us wildly today - we hadn't seen him since we were here for a Cami's birthday party a few weeks ago.

The trip up is getting almost routine - we have our favorite Pemex (gasoline) station (out of two on the trip) and even have figured out how to split up the driving chores. I drive the switchbacks and mountainous areas outside Puerto Vallarta (because I get car sick pretty easily) and Sylvia drives the flatlands where she can put the pedal down hard and drive fast.

And she does drive hard and fast. The joke is if I drive the whole trip, it's a four-hour deal. If Sylvia drives, it's three.

We always see interesting stuff - today a pheasant almost crash landed on our windshield.

But as we pulled out of La Manzanilla this morning, we saw a truck at the tire repair shop where I got my flat tire fixed last week with a real ass in the back.

Check the video.

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