January 23, 2008

Weather is warming, water seems colder, (que lastima)

LA MANZANILLA, Jalisco, Mexico - The weather has started warming up - should hit nearly 88 degrees tomorrow at the top, but the water seems colder! When I swam today, it was, well, chilly.

Ok, I don't expect sympathy.

However, in response to the most recent blog poll, I will add boogie boarding to my daily regimen of exercise - provided the waves can give me a good ride. If I had my board today, I would be picking sand out of my teeth.

Great waves!

And there's good news on the visitor front - cousin Ruth (Ruth Bills of Seneca Lake where the temps have been hovering in the low teens) and Sanders & Pat Lamont, who live in Camp Connell, CA, where the snow is falling like crazy right now and the temperatures? Well.... Both have said they are coming to visit in the coming weeks to escape the frigid weather.

We have smart amigos.

I'll be ready with the Margarita XPress Tour Bus to pick them up when they arrive at the Manzanillo aeropuerto.

This evening we walked the beach and saw a sailboat anchored right by the town - and also saw a nice Appaloosa galloping, getting some exercise in the sand.

Not your average suburban events.

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