January 18, 2008

When it hits 70 degrees here - it is winter, seriously!

NUEVO VALLARTA, Jalisco, Mexico - The weather here is an average of 10 degrees colder than just 140 miles down the road in La Manzanilla where we hang our sombreros these days.

But today, when it didn't quite break 70 degrees until early afternoon, most of the natives around here looked more like they lived in the Midwest than at the same latitude as Hawaii.

Still, I even got into the swing by wearing a t-shirt with another shirt over the top to keep warm.

Did I give up wearing shorts in favor of long trou? No way. If I didn't give up wearing shorts in Sacramento - where it was below freezing some of the morning just before we head south in December - I certainly would not here.

Not yet.

We spent the day running errands around town, but took time out last night to go to the Vallarta Yacht Club and have a Cuba Libre on the deck, watching some of the boats come and go.

Just two years ago Sabbatical was moored close enough to the club that you could yell down from the yacht club deck to the boat.

Here's a short video of the view:

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