January 19, 2008

Yes, I want my wine-in-a-cup-to-go, por favor

NUEVO VALLARTA, Jalisco, Mexico - In the U.S. I seldom carry a camera, unless it's on some news assignment where I might get to snap a quick photo of California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger or some other would-be luminary.

Here in Mexico, I carry both a still camera and my Flip video unit because you just never know what you are going to see.

Yesterday's ass-in-a-truck probably being an excellent example of that.

But in traveling around the Paradise Village roadways yesterday, we followed the truck below which was moving chairs from one end of the resort to the next, using some of the staff in lieu of lines to keep the chairs from scattering from one end of the resort to the next.

They almost lost it on one sharp corner, but made it to the storage area without dropping a single piece of furniture. Too bad, too, because the chairs would have looked great on our patio in La Manzanilla.

Big curve ahead - Cuidado!
Big curve ahead - cuidado!

But that evening, the importance of having cameras handy was demonstrated even more when we stopped to get a pizza to go at a place called Guido's.

Yup, Guido's.

While we were waiting for our pizza and calzone to be cooked, the Admiral had a quick agua mineral con limon while I sipped a glass of Chilean merlot. But both waist-busting delicacies came out of the kitchen quickly and so I had barely touched my wine.

No problema, the red-haired gringa lady at the bar said. She pour my wine into a styrofoam to-go cup - all quite legal in Mexico.

The Admiral took a short video of my wine going into the to-go cup, which no doubt will make an appearance on her blog sometime.


Wine-in-a-cup-to-go, please
Wine-in-a-cup-to-go, please

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like Petaluma - where walking the streets, 22 in hand, is actually permitted (albeit unofficially) on certain celebratory days throughout the year.