February 11, 2008

Back home in La Manzanilla - with a repaired Trooper

LA MANZANILLA, Jalisco, Mexico - At 1 p.m. Monday I got the call I had been waiting for: the hydraulic line on the power steering on the Trooper was repaired and we were good to go.

In case you missed the earlier drama, we popped the line a few days before leaving for Puerto Vallarta and, becoming quite ingenious in how to fix things in very unusual ways, I wrapped the line with electrical tape, topped off the hydraulic steering fluid and off we went last Thursday.

The fix got us to Dustin & Cami's house quite nicely, but the more permanent repairs were, well, muy complicado.

In the U.S., I am sure the mechanic (or dealer) would have dug into a parts bin and found a $200 hose (Who am I kidding? Make that $400), then slapped it on.

At Lobo del Mar, American mechanic Taylor pulled off the old hose and sent it to a hose shop where they manufactured a new piece.

Manufactured a new piece?


And that held us up an extra day, which worked out fine because we all (Admiral Fox, Cousin Ruth and myself) got to help Cami's Full Sail Canvas shop with some projects. My arms are still sore.

Oh, and the cost for the repair to the Trooper? Well, it was a total of 1820 pesos, or $169 in U.S. dollars.

Twenty-nine dollars of that was the remanufactured hydraulic hose, the balance Taylor's labor.

And yes, it held up fine the whole way back to La Manzanilla, not spilling (or spewing) a drop the whole trip.

But I am keeping the electrical tape and tools in the car for the next emergency.

Trooper home safe
Home safe

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