February 15, 2008

Back on the beaches of La Manzanilla & Tenacatita

TENACATITA, Jalisco, Mexico - The best part of having company, especially company that is new to the area, is getting to show off the place.

And so for the past two days, I have been driving around and about with Jen Bills and her mom Ruth. Ruth, of course, is a Mexico veteran now, having been here for two weeks tomorrow. She can say margarita and Cuba Libre like a native.

The dynamic duo spent the morning at a temporary mercado set up in the town square shopping for clothes, souvenirs and trinkets while I aided Admiral Fox in her real estate endeavors by driving some potential buyers around. We went up hills and down hills and around hills.

I wish the Admiral would find some properties to show where the terrain is flat.

Jen Bills at the ocean
Jen Bills takes a picture on Admiralty Beach

We stopped at Admiralty Beach to visit briefly with Mario - Mario of Mario & Sharon and the current occupant of the Grey Goose Express parked under a ramada next to his property. He was napping when we drove up but we took a minute to take gaze at the ocean from his nearly completed homesite. And we scouted for whales.

The afternoon before we sighted several whales right off the beach in La Manzanilla. They were no-shows out in front of Admiralty Beach today.

Grey Goose at Mario's
Grey Goose Express at Mario's

As soon as Mario's house is finished - soon we hope - we are considering moving the GGE (Grey Goose Express) down to our lot, provided we can get the road finished, a concrete pad poured and a ramada built to shade it.

Sounds like a lot of work doesn't it?

But work was not the top priority today as we headed over to Fiesta Mexicana, ready to eat, drink and go boogie boarding. Unfortunately, the wild Pacific surf - so evident at Mario's lot - was none existent around the corner in front of the restaurant.

But I settled for some nice swimming in the ocean and checking out the natives as they enjoyed the warm day at the beach.

Shaking sand out of chair
Shaking out the sand

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