February 6, 2008

A close encounter with new friends from Canada at Palapa Joe's

PALAPA JOE'S RESTAURANT, La Manzanilla, Jalisco, Mexico - Shortly after we arrived in La Manzanilla, I had a comment posted on Captain's Blog from someone named Kelly who was coming to La Manzanilla and wondered about life here.

So today, having breakfast at El Girasol (chilaquiles, eggs, potatoes and refried beans,) I was startled but not totally surprised to hear a voice say, "Are you the Captain from the Captain's Blog?"

The captain indeed.

And so this morning I met Kelly and his lovely wife Diane, on vacation from their frosty digs in Port Hope, Ontario, Canada, down for a month and already adjusting quite well to the scene.

Kelly looks totally relaxed and if Diane tan gets any deeper, she will be able to go to work here, sans working papers.

The breakfast encounter was very brief; it was this evening at Palapa Joe's - as we had Cuba Libres and ate fish tacos (Thanks Cousin Ruth for picking up the tab!) - that we got to know Kelly and Diane better. Before we came in, we gave bar owner Willy's Yamaha ATV a quick test spin.

How quickly can we have one of those things delivered?

But here are Kelly and Diane - who will no doubt be making more appearances in the next few weeks.

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