February 25, 2008

Electricity comes to Admiralty Beach - and Mario

TENACATITA, Jalisco, Mexico - We take many things for granted in the U.S., some big, some small.

But in Mexico, when things big and small go well, it's almost always worth a quick fiesta to celebrate. Not according to plan, mind you, just well.

Sunday we drove out to Arroyo Seco, did our usual 'Americanos-Come-To-Town' drive around to check our three lots and show the beaches to son Dustin. Then, (sans Dustin who headed back to Puerto Vallarta) we ended up out at our friend Mario's house, a quarter-mile down the beach from our beachfront lot. Mario and his wife Sharon borrowed the Grey Goose Express in late December to live in while the finishing touches were put on their beachside casa.

In this case, those finishing touches are still being, well, touched, and it's two months later.

But we had a fiesta anyway, because after numerous fits and starts taking several months, Mario's house finally has electricity and running water.

Viva electricad! Viva agua!

I say viva because I have heard stories about people who built houses several years ago and who are still waiting for the electric company to show up.


Mario has to leave to go back to the states March 6 (que lastima) but hopes to spend at least a few nights in he and Sharon's finished house before he departs for a couple of months. But he has offered the house to us to stay in while he is away - kind of a test run to see if we like living at the beach.

We are definitely going to give it a try.

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Daniel said...

Very cool having videos on your blog Michael.

I think I am going to start using my blog more so I keep some of the more personal post off the message board.

I like the layout of yours.

Adios for now,