February 4, 2008

At the La Manzanilla rodeo & a day at the beach

LA MANZANILLA, Jalisco, Mexico - The fiesta/holiday was wild here in La Manzanilla all weekend with more parades, more dancing, more loud music and too much fun.

Sunday, the parade was delayed until the moment the Super Bowl was over so the gringos could swarm out of Palapa Joe's (where there were two TVs set up to watch the game). And swarm many of them did, running up the street to jump in with about a hundred hardcore revelers who were headed to the Casino for a second night of dancing.

One really happy person at Palapa Joe's was Macy Richardson (7-years-old) who put down her own bet on the NY Giants and won.

Macy wins $200 in Super Bowl pool
Macy shows her 200-peso win

Macy and her parents barreled out on their quad right afterwards and were already at the Casino by the time we arrived after doing shuffling variation of the Samba accompanying the dancers.

Getting ahead of the parade in La Manzanilla
Richardson clan quadulating from Palapa Joe's

Earlier in the day, we did the Arroyo Seco tour with Cousin Ruth and Tia Richardson, checking out the downtown lot, the hillside lots and the two fabulous beaches. The beaches were full of surfers and suddenly the idea of the Arroyo Seco Surf Club didn't seem quite as looney.

At Tenacatita, Tia and I and Mario took to the much smaller surf aboard our boogie boards, managing a dozen or more good rides, ending with a wild ass-over-tea kettle crash for me that sent me ashore, sinuses thoroughly rinsed.

Tia on the wave at Tenacatita beach
Tia heads for the beach

Below is a short video of the Super Bowl party at Palapa Joe's, shot by Tia and more parade shots by Adm. Fox & Ruth, and a parade video by the Admiral, who at one point looked like she was leading the parade.

On parade
Admiral and revelers parading to the Rodeo

Galloping horse, La Manzanilla rodeo
Galloping horse leading

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