February 5, 2008

No need for baby sitters - or dog sitters, either

PALAPA JOE'S, La Manzanilla, Jalisco, Mexico - One of the delightful things - provided you like kids and dogs - is that in most restaurants in Mexico, both kids and dogs are welcome.

Yup, kids and dogs.

Tia and Toby's dog in Palapa Joe's
Tia and Toby's dog, hoping for a stray French fry

Unruly pets (or children I suppose) would not be welcomed, of course, but neither seems very much in evidence in any of the places we frequent in La Manzanilla, Melaque or Barra de Navidad, where we will be heading tonight for a farewell dinner with Dan & Lorraine Olsen, heading out Wednesday for ports of call to the south.

When I was commodore at the Oakland Yacht Club (located in Alameda, California, but that's another story), one of the biggest blowups I had to deal with that year was when I said it was quite acceptable for a club member to bring her in-training Guide Dog into the dining room while we had dinner.

Guide Dog, as in Guide Dogs for the blind, or in this case, in training for a person with disabilities.

Many of the members objected vehemently to me directly (usually on their way to or from the bar) and said no dogs were allowed in the clubhouse. Club rules, etc...

What I told most of them is unrepeatable here, but I held firm and the dog (and her trainers) remained and enjoyed a lovely evening (even if they had to endure a few glares).

The dog, by the way, was far better behaved that evening than many of the club members.

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