February 3, 2008

Yamaha quad gets final nod & Cousin Ruth arrives

MANZANILLO, Colima, Mexico - We toured two ATV shops yesterday while idling away a few hours waiting for Cousin Ruth Bills to arrive from Hector, New York.

The Honda shop had a couple of units - and prices that were about $1,000 higher than comparable Yamaha units. We arrived about 2:30 - which is closing time Saturdays for almost all businesses in Mexico, particularly places like car and motorcycle shops.

The prices for such things are higher here than in the states (import fees, maybe), but bringing in a motor vehicle is somewhat complicated and so if we go ahead and decide to buy a zoom-around quad, it will likely be in Manzanillo, a city about one-hour south of our pueblo.

Yamaha quad

Around La Manzanilla, people use quads for everything - exploring the higher elevations (or going up and down the long beaches). They are just pretty useful for everything.

The real reason for our sojourn to Manzanillo was to pick up Cousin Ruth who came in for a few weeks to get out of the freezing temperatures of upstate New York. Her daughter Jennifer (from Boston) will be showing in about a week or so, too, another refugee from the frostbite belt.

When we got Ruth back to La Manzanilla, we celebrated with a nice dinner at Palapa Joe's where Willy poured Ruth a generous Cuba Libre which helped her sleep through the five hours of music that pounded from the Casino (until 3 a.m.) as the Gringo Day festivities ended.

Even the roosters slept late this morning.

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