March 2, 2008

The feeding of the crocodiles in La Manzanilla

LA MANZANILLA, Jalisco, Mexico - We spent a quiet Sunday, recovering from the rigors of our performance the night before at Palapa Joe's as The Four Headlamps singing the Rodney Carrington hit, "I Think I'm Dancin' With A Man."

But late in the day, after stopping to see our Canadian friends Lynn and Doug (Eh?) down on the beach, we came home via the edge of a swamp that is home to some very large crocodiles.

The swamp abuts the end of town and local kids (and tourists, OK...) take great pleasure in throwing food into the swamp for the crocs to grab.

Being married to a Florida girl (Sanibel Island) who grew up around alligators, I know that feeding these animals is a reallllly bad idea. After awhile, they equate people with food. And if you run out of fish to throw to them? Well... watch the video and think about meeting one of these guys if you fall out of your kayak in the swamp.

Or in the ocean, where they sometimes go, if they get bored in the confines of the swamp

But we witnessed kids pitching of fish to the crocs today anyway.

animals. Or are they reptiles?

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