March 29, 2008

Well, there's fresh water on the beach lot at Tenacatita

TENACATITA, Jalisco, Mexico - Progress on the beach lot at Tenacatita is moving ahead quickly - now that the season is ending, of course.

The Admiral and I spent a few hours out on the beach today, watching the well diggers working, tapping into some water right under our property. An aquifer of 'sweet water' - that still has a slightly salty tinge to it - is all along the beach properties, they said. And true to their word, they found agua within an hour of digging.

After going down about six feet, they struck the water. By 4 p.m. that had put the metal casing in and set it up so we can pull water out as soon as I purchase a submersible pump.

Clear water
No, it's water, not Coke

I have to get the water tested, but I believe in its present state, it could work to water plants anyway. And perhaps with some kind of filter, be used for other household (non-drinking) uses.

Here's video of what well-drilling on the beach in Mexico looks like:

Last night the Admiral and I visited with former Rentalor Jane Gorby on the grounds of her La Manzanilla estate, checking to ensure that she is not sad and missing her old job too much. Retirees sometimes have a very tough time adjusting to all the new-found freedom: Being able to sleep in every day, not having to be places at a certain time, eating whenever hunger strikes, etc...

Jane seems to be holding up just fine.

Campari & soda with Jane the ex-rentalor
Jane and the Captain toast freedom with Campari & soda

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