April 24, 2008

Flaming hula-hoops on the beach at La Manzanilla

LA MANZANILLA, Jalisco, Mexico - Just when I thought the season was slowing down in La Manzanilla, the La Manzanilla Message Board popped up with this notice:

Tonight at Coco Loco, Molly will be performing a firedance
with her hoola-hoops just outside the restaurant.

Any of you who've seen her practising on the beach in these days,
will know that she really can move those hoops -
in a way most of us haven't seen before.

So with that bit of intriguing introduction, the Admiral and I went down to Coco Loco's for a peek.

My first thought on walking in?

Scott Noble went home a week early.

Hula hooper dancer one
First performance of the evening

The dancer - who hails from Bend, Oregon when she's not in Mexico - put on two shows, lighting up the beach for two 10-minute exhibitions that had the small audience in awe.

Hula hooper dancer three
Lighting the equipment

After the dancing, Molly talked with a number of women in the audience about using hula hoops - the none-flaming variety - as part of an exercise class next season. While most of the women said there was no way they thought they could get the hoops moving like Molly, it seemed like a reasonable (and fun) way to get some exercise.

Molly even gave instructions on how to manufacture your own hoop out of plastic pipe.

Post performance interview
Post performance conversations

Next year, the rumor is that there are plans for Molly to be married in La Manzanilla, perhaps on the very beach where she spun her hoop last night.

If it's at night, watch for flames on the beach.

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