April 11, 2008

Grey Goose Express makes its move to Arroyo Seco

TENACATITA, Jalisco, Mexico - Thursday was moving day for the Grey Goose Express from Tenacatita, where it was temporary housing for amigos Mario & Sharon for a couple of months, to Arroyo Seco, where we just started a big wall project this past week. It will be our home there, on and off, for the balance of the spring.

We thought we would simply drag the old girl out to Arroyo Seco - where it looks like we are building a Hilton, not walling in 800-square meeting lot - but learned that the 'city' water is only turned on for one hour per day in the morning for people in the pueblo to fill their water tanks.

One hour?


So we washed the Goose at Mario's before taking her to the site. It was nice pulling in with a clean-looking unit. The Goose is the second trailer to take up residence in the town. The other is an 18-foot unit owned by a surfer dude nicknamed Spiderman. Spidey lives close to the beach. (No kidding!)

We ran into some trouble getting the trailer over the curb and were ably assisted by Leonardo, one of the fellows building the wall. We had to use Leonardo's truck to make the final push to a parking spot next to the only vegetation on the property. (The Admiral is already laying plans to make the place very green.)

And we also ran into some technical troubles making a short video - the sound didn't come through when I put it into IMovie. Probably just as good, as I was using pretty colorful commentary in dos languages when the tongue of the Goose got stuck. So instead of my rantings, I inserted some music performed by Steve Southworth and the Rockabilly Rays from Valois, New York.

We will see Steve and company in a couple of months when we make our sojourn back to the U.S. and Seneca Lake.

More details and some still photos manana about the move to Arroyo Seco. And some details about our plan to drill a well there, too.

A well? Si.

One hour of water a day, indeed.

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