April 19, 2008

More progress in Arroyo Seco - and a tamale party

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - Our amigos Scott & Jen left this morning to head back to the U.S., just ahead of the fun police who would have run us all in if we had any more of a good time.

We fished, went to the beach, toured around from Barra de Navidad to Arroyo Seco, ate meals at nearly every restaurant in town (some several times) and generally fit a month's worth of adventure into a week.

Siesta time, anyone?

On our fishing expedition, the only fish caught was by an amigo named Francisco, and it hardly would have fed more than one person. But earlier that day, our fishing guide and amigo Chon wisely stopped by the fishing nets and purchased some red snapper for our lunches.

One smart fishing guide.

The great wall project on our downtown lot is about 2/3 done in Arroyo Seco with the rest probably completed next week. Our across-the-street neighbor (Chon) has built a temporary fence in front and is about to start on some huge steel gates - also temporary - so when we leave for the U.S., the Grey Goose Express and our kayaks will be secure.

And a phone line. A phone line! We expect our telephone will be hooked up next week. And we found out that DSL is available after all.

Next thing you know, there will be Comcast trucks rolling through. (Gawd, that would be awful.)

Maestro at work
The maestro putting up bricks

Hangin at the trailer in Arroyo Seco
Camped out in Arroyo Seco

But one of the highlights of the whole week was being invited to (and attending) a party in honor of some surfers who were leaving to head back to France to work - so they can make money to come back again next year. They have been coming for a last few years and staying 6 to 9 months on the beach.

Before we got to eat, we all took part in a huge tamale-making operation at Chena and Chon's house, then went out to the beach for a great dinner..

Admiral fills the tamale pot
Admiral fills the tamale steamer

Kelly, the tamale maker, needs a beer
Tamale-maker Kelly from Los Angeles avoids dehydration

Here's a brief video of the activities:

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