April 6, 2008

The sounds of La Manzanilla - sometimes fowl indeed

LA MANZANILLA, Jalisco, Mexico - Mexico joined in with Daylight Savings Time over the weekend, but the alarm clocks of town - better known as the roosters - didn't seem to notice at all and still light up with their cries whenever the mood strikes them.

And it does, no matter what time of the day or night it is.

But I have made peace with the local fowl population, because they like to eat scorpions, spiders and just about any other creepy crawlies we might have.

So this morning I opened the front gates wide again, and after a few minutes in came our local Foghorn Leghorn (from the Disney cartoons, in case you missed the reference), who, along with a couple of lady friends pecked the leaves and debris on the ground quite thoroughly.

If they nailed a scorpion, I don't know. But I feel better out there knowing that they have done a sweep.

Rooster Cogburn
Foghorn Leghorn's Mexican cousin

Searching for scorpions
Scouring for scorpions

We are frequently awakened by wild turkeys which roost in the trees and also a semi-domestic turkey that our neighbor seems to be feeding in anticipation of the next major holiday. I've yet to entice the turkey into the yard to look for bugs, but he does seem to follow the lead of the chickens, so ...

Hiding out until Thanksgiving
His name is either Thanksgiving or Christmas

Just before we encountered our turkey amigo today, we chatted briefly with some young people riding their horses back after a swim at the beach.

Yes, both the kids and the horses apparently went for a dip.

The temperature here has soared in the last two days. Suddenly, it's full on hot and from what the swimmers told me today, the water is starting to warm back up too - just in time for the arrival of our amigos Scott and Jennifer from Sacramento.

Riding home after a day at La Playa

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