April 23, 2008

Moving ahead with some big projects in Arroyo Seco

ARROYO SECO, Jalisco, Mexico - The maestro has been making great cement-and-brick music all this week with the east and west walls nearly done and the back wall about to be started.

After spending a lot of time on site in the last two weeks, we decided today to go ahead and take the full plunge with a bunch of projects, some minor, and one whopper.

The whopper is that we are going to build our 8-meter by 13-meter palapa (25 feet by 40 feet) right away, as in the next few weeks, as in before we head back to the USSA.

The builder - a subcontractor - was casting about for a job and gave us an excellent price. Excellent being a relative term, of course.

It's a whopper because the wood and tile structure will be right in the front of the property and will cost, well, a few pesos. But it will be a great addition to the main street of town, whatever we decide to use it for eventually. There's talk of a bar, a restaurant, a classroom (to teach English), a music studio - maybe it will be part of our house.

Whatever, they all need a roof, si?

Almost finished wall
Almost completed east wall

Closing on the corner
Closing in on the west wall

Fence in front
Palapa will be behind the fence

We had pondered waiting until December on the palapa - something to do when we return next fall - but the maestro promised that he and his workers could handle the foundation for the palapa, if we did it now.

That means the maestro and his crew will finish the wall, build a 10 by 20 foot bodega (garage for storage) install a septic tank, build a ramada (for shade) over the Grey Goose Express and now do a concrete floor and foundation for the palapa.

Now wonder this all costs a few pesos.

In the meantime, I caught the ever-shy maestro laying up bricks today.

The maestro at work

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