May 28, 2008

Full disclosure: Croc was from Australia, not Mexico

PUERTO VALLARTA, Jalisco, Mexico - After I posted two days ago about going through my photos from the winter in Mexico, I received a couple of enquiries about the croc photo. (I also received a number of comments about the gratuitous bikini shot, but that's another matter.)

I wrote that I was including some photos - including the crocodile - in the slide show for those folks who have already decided that Mexico is too dangerous for them.

Aussie croc
Actually, an Aussie croc

So, for those Mexico and La Manzanilla readers who wondered if this creature was spotted lunging out of the lagoon behind Valentina's, the answer is no. It's a photo of a Queensland, Australia croc, the kind that will chase you down the beach and will make you into a snack. If you ever walk by the croc preserve in La Manzanilla in the company an Australian from the state of Queensland, take note of how fast they leave the area.

Below is a photo of one of our more staid La Manzanilla crocodiles, coming up to the fence to be fed by tourists, arguably a very bad idea I am told by the Admiral. This fellow, or one of his many compadres in the murky water, did snatch a 50-60 pound dog for lunch very recently.

Croc 3
La Manzanilla crocodile, waiting for tourists

For the record, however, the gratuitous bikini shot was taken at Tenacatita, not Australia.

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