May 7, 2008

A look at Tenacatita and a preview of a wedding

TENACATITA, Jalisco, Mexico - After spending a lot of time out in Arroyo Seco the past few weeks, we opted to check out our beach property in Tenacatita - the property that launched this entire adventure about 18 months ago.

We bought the lot there without much hesitation but since discovering Arroyo Seco, have put most of the construction and site plans at the beach on hold.

Our neighbor (and amiga), Nancy boosted our interest this week when she met us at a vivero (a plant nursery) to check out the 35 trees she is planning to plant around her adjacent lot.

Yes, 35 trees.

We opted for just seven trees along the edge while we plan our palapa and other buildings for next season.

Tenacatita lot cleared
Our lot - and Nancy's in Tenacatita

Nancy and Sylvia decide on trees
Nancy and Sylvia planning where to put palm trees

While we there checking out where to place trees, a car pulled up and out popped a soon-to-be bride and groom along with a couple of photographers and their assorted cameras and gear.

The rocks in front of our properties apparently are sought out as a place for photo shoots for weddings and others who are seeking exotic-looking backdrops.

I have to remember to alert my friend Mario - arriving back in Tenacatita in a few weeks - to keep his eyes out for any cars or photo trucks bearing the familiar Playboy symbol this summer.

Just in case.

Wedding photos - walking
Walking through the sand

Wedding photos
For the wedding album

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